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About HopChart

HopChart is a social utility for Beer Lovers. It began as a simple idea in September 2009. Over the course of 6 months we've added a lot of features and some really great users.

We love discovering new beer, but sometimes it's hard to know what to try in the burgeoning world of craft beer especially if it's all brand new to you. Now there's a chance you have a friend who loves beer and can recommend some great ones, if you don't have a beer friend (well even if you do) consider HopChart your access to lots of new beer friends.

There are a lot of new features we're busy working on, but here are a few we think you might like:

Journal Beer

Never forget that great beer you had or maybe the one you wish you didn't. HopChart makes it easy to enter and see what beers you like.

Rate Beer

The best way to figure out what you might like is to rate what you drink. Give the beer you drink a rating.
Share the beer you drink with your friends on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Just sign up and connect your accounts and HopChart will share the beer you're drinking with your friends on these networks.

Connect with Other Beer Fans

Find and follow other like-minded beer drinkers, see what they like and add those to your drink list.

Make To Do Lists

Find a beer you want to try? Just add it to your Drink list. Find a location you want to visit? Just add it to your Visit list. We'll remember so you don't have to.

Discover Beer

Find beers you want to try by watching the activity feeds and the top lists.

Make Discovering Beer Fun

Earn points for trying new beers, enjoying favorites, and connecting with other beer lovers. See how you earn points here