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Mt. Hood Hogsback Stout

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ByMt. Hood Brewing

Sweet Stout
  • ABV
  • 4.5%
  • |
  • IBU
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  • SRM

Deep red-black in color, with a dense chocolatey brown head. Hogsback is mildly carbonated and aged longer than other ales. This English style stout is richer, smoother and slightly sweeter than typical Irish style stouts, making it popular among a wider range of beer aficionados. Extremely complex in its flavor and aroma it will at once give you impressions of coffee, chocolate, molasses, hops, sweet malt, and silky-smooth alcohol. A big beer to brew, but worth the extra effort! This is Mt. Hood's second-most popular beer. O.G. 1.064/ 4.5 abv/ Magnum, Mt. Hood, Cascade, Willamette hops/ Four different malts and rolled oats/ Molasses and licorice.

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