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New Belgium Abbey Belgian Style Ale

14 Ratings
1st Drinker:
Bill Simoni
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Bill Simoni

ByNew Belgium Brewing Company

Abbey Dubbel
  • ABV
  • 7%
  • |
  • IBU
  • |
  • SRM

The color of just-polished mahogany crowned with a tightly laced, mousse-like head, our Abbey Belgian Ale raises eyebrows just on sight alone. An ethereal swirl of banana, spice and smoky aromas compels further study. Cross the liquid threshold and discover flavors evoking ripe fig, caramel, coffee and clove. Settle into the solace of Abbey?s other-worldly finish. This is ale consecration.Abbey, the biggest medal collector in the New Belgium portfolio, is categorized as a Belgian style ?dubbel? or ?Double Ale.? This complex ale, along with Trippel, is very true to style of the beers brewed in Belgium where the monks produce beers to support their abbey. Dubbels tend to be darker, with a heavier malt profile. Bottle conditioning produces esters that manifest as earthy or floral tones.Though excellent when paired with savory dishes, Abbey inevitably finds itself paired with dessert at dinners given by our brewery. As well, our restaurant friends are finding Abbey to be an appealing addition to their lists of ports, brandies and single malts. Abbey is worthy of being furnished as a stand alone liquid dessert, a euphoric palate enhancer in the cigar humidor, a stairway to heaven companion to chocolate, or a pleasing brain twister when served with espresso.So, settle into your favorite chair, perhaps drop the needle on some cool jazz, pour yourself an Abbey into a wide mouth glass and seriously question whether life gets any larger.

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