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New Belgium Fat Tire

37 Ratings
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ByNew Belgium Brewing Company

Amber Ale
  • ABV
  • 5.3%
  • |
  • IBU
  • |
  • SRM

Like the ageless delight of pedaling a bicycle, Fat Tire Amber Ale?s appeal is in its feat of balance: Toasty malt flavors (sorta like biscuits just pulled from the oven) coasting in equilibrium with crisp hoppiness. Delicious stability - in the world of sometimes-precarious beer flavors ? is perhaps what prompted one consumer who wrote us to say, ?this beer just makes you smile.?Fat Tire?s depth of flavor, achieved with neither a disproportionate sway toward hops or malts, tandems well with a full spectrum of today?s engaging cuisines. Salmon, dry-aged cheeses, roasted chilies, omelets at midnight, sweet potato French fries and just about anything with grill marks or garlic are just a few of the edibles we like to partner up with our Amber Ale.Fat Tire is so named for the bike trip Jeff took through Belgium that greatly inspired his homebrewing efforts.

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