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New Belgium Trippel Belgian Style Ale

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Bill Simoni
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ByNew Belgium Brewing Company

Abbey Tripel
  • ABV
  • 7.8%
  • |
  • IBU
  • |
  • SRM

Trippel Belgian Style Ale, perhaps the most intriguing of New Belgium?s beers, has alluring golden color that only hints at this beer?s complexity. European Saaz hops and an authentic Belgian yeast strain produce an earthy floral bouquet, citrus bite and woody overtones, all of which are balanced with silky malt flavors.Belgian monks produce singles, dubbels (like our Abbey) and trippels to support their monasteries. The terms predate widespread literacy and mark strength, which can be a factor of length and number of fermentations. Back in the day, wooden casks would be marked with one ?X?, two ?XX?s or three ?XXX?s to denote strength. The trick is in making this beer relatively strong in alcohol yet delicate in its flavor profile.Pair this distinctive ale with oysters on the half shell, the bittersweet works of T.C. Boyle, scallops in a soy wasabi dressing, smoked cheeses, blaring Yo-Yo Ma and cherished old friends.Like our other fine Belgian ales, Trippel should be served cool (not cold) in a wide-rimmed glass for the most sensual experience.

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