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Sinebrychoff Porter

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Chad Towle
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Baltic Porter
  • ABV
  • 7.2%
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  • IBU
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  • SRM

Sinebrychoff?s Porter is the only Finnish porter and Sinebrychoff?s oldest special beer. Produced continuously since 1957, the recipe has remained virtually unchanged from one decade to the next. Sinebrychoff?s Brewmasters Nils Sandman and Boris Orlo as well as Laboratory Manager Aarne Rahiala are credited with the development of Sinebrychoff?s Porter. Legend has it that the yeast required for the manufacturing of porter was smuggled in a test tube from the British Isles to the Hietalahti brewery. The yeast was preserved in the brewery?s own laboratory and transferred only several decades later for processing at The Technical Research Centre of Finland?s yeast bank in Espoo.Sinebrychoff?s Porter is a dark top fermented beer made with strongly flavoured roasted malts and plenty of hops. The top fermentation process adds fruity aromas. Sinebrychoff?s Porter has a malty, roasted flavour with traces of chocolate, coffee and liquorice aromas. Sinebrychoff?s Porter is not filtered; the yeast is removed by separation.

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