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Left Hand Fade to Black

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ByLeft Hand and Tabernash Brewing Companies

Foreign / Extra Stout
  • ABV
  • 8.5%
  • |
  • IBU
  • 30
  • |
  • SRM

That time of year when the day seems to fade away. Drifting further into the darkness with each passing day. Yes, we’re letting loose, from the noose (spiced beers), that’s kept us hanging about. FADE TO BLACK – our non-traditional, kick-you-in-the-ass ale that mirrors the available sunlight from October thru March. The name will stay the same (as well as the packaging) each year, but the style won’t. This year it’ll be a big Foreign/Export stout in the 8% ABV range. It’ll be available in 6 packs and kegs.

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