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Redhook Mud Slinger

10 Ratings
1st Drinker:
Dean Henderson
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Dean Henderson
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ByRedhook Brewery

Brown Ale
  • ABV
  • 5.8%
  • |
  • IBU
  • 30
  • |
  • SRM

Mudslinger is a Nut Brown Ale with a Medium body and a fresh aroma. Its malty flavor is layered with light chocolate, caramel, brown sugar and a hint of vanilla. Six barley malts and two hop varieties result in a surprisingly smooth, well balanced dark beer. Mudslinger pairs nicely with grilled meats, stews, fowl, and even smoked oysters or salmon. Available on the West Coast from January through April. Style: Nut Brown Ale ABV: 5.8% Malts: Two row pale, Munich, Caramel, Chocolate, Black, and a touch of Roasted Barley Hops: Willamette and Northern Brewer Color SRM: TBD Bitterness Units: 30 IBU Original Gravity: TBD

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