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Deschutes Bond Street Hop Henge Imperial IPA

5 Ratings
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Jill Towle
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ByDeschutes Brewery

Imperial IPA
  • ABV
  • 8.1%
  • |
  • IBU
  • |
  • SRM

Who knows what inspired the ancients to build Stonehenge--or what inspired up to build Hop Henge in its likeness. But build it we did, out of wrapped bales of whole-flower hops out on the brewery lawn. Like the rest of the Bond Street Series, Hop Henge highlights the creativity and curiosity of our brewers. Bolder than its English ancestor, with huge hops and a bitter finish, this IPA is no wallflower. Hop Henge I.P.A. was first brewed in 2006 as an agressive West Coast style I.P.A. In 2007, Hop Henge is going Imperial! Several pounds of Centennial, Cascade and Northern Brewer hops are in each barrel with a heavy dry-hop presence to top it off. A blend of crystal, pale and caraston malts creates an overall biscuity characteristic that is dense and muscular, building the alcohol base to support the monstrous hop profile. 95 IBU's.

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